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Photon Design account management is a powerful

​Instagram growth service, customised to your audience

​goals, that will grow your Instagram followers

​all day, every day.

Our management service helps you organically grow your

​following and engagement through proven

​marketing techniques.

Photon Design's experienced account managers help you organically grow your following and engagement through marketing techniques, all done for you, which will drive real, targeted Instagram followers to your account creating natural growth over a period of time, with followers who actually have interest in your page! Let us grow your Instagram 24-7. Grow your instagram following the proper way.

Most people find social media too time consuming, and too complex. 

Social media, done properly, takes time and consideration

​A well managed organically built social media following, gives you increased influence and reach, to the people who matter most;

Your potential clients!​

You may have noticed, it's generally the big brands and celebrities who have large social media followings.  They're the one's using social media managers to drive increased following and sales growth.

Our entire reason for creating this service is to come to your rescue, and help level the playing field with a level of professionalism, accountability and creativity, previously only available to the big brands, now in an affordable package for you. ​

You may have noticed recently that your engagement on Instagram is down. ​ That's because Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) is changing their algorithms in a similar way to Facebook.  Instagram is changing, in order to drive more advertising revenue.  That means that generating worthwhile organic exposure is harder now than it has ever been, but it's still the best kind of exposure for your business.

Let us take the work out of driving organic exposure and growth for you.

At Sara Crave active wear we value our customers and strive to maintain high levels of customer service. Building a strong social media presence is vital, and though we were late to get on board with instagram as a social channel, the personalised service of our Photon account manager has seen our following grow from under 1K to over 19K while they have worked with us, and still growing.  It's far more cost effective than hiring more social media account staff, and supports what we do in house ourselves.

Ana Maria 
Justin Bellas

Hi There, It's Justin from Raw health systems. I have been working with the Instagram account managers at Photon Design and I have had steady targeted growth to now currently around 20K loyal followers.  My posts always get great engagement, and I fully recommend the service 100%. 

It's Kerri McCubben here from home of yoga new farm and I have been working with Photon design since October 2016.  During this time they built my beautiful web site and have set up my Facebook and Instagram business accounts.  The social media account managers as Photon Design have helped me to grow my Instagram account from scratch to over 9,600 followers, and still growing.

Kerri McCubben


Platinum Plan

  • Commitment-free
  • 24-7 Email support
  • ​Defined target market
  • ​Daily engagement and interaction with followers
  • ​More traffic to your web site
  • ​Additional hash tag  and location targeting
  • Dedicated marketing strategy
  • Membership in Photon affiliate program, earns you $$$ for every referral.

$150 / month

Limited Special - Pay Whatever You Want For these services

Suggested minimum contribution $1.99 

*special offer is for first 30 days of service & then choose a cancel any time plan 


Instagram Marketing FAQ

  • Can I still use my account?
  • are the followers real?
  • i just signed up, what now?
  • why can't I get 20K new followers a month?
  • how many followers per day will I get?
  • is there a contract required?
  • What's your affiliate program about?

It's our way of showing gratitude to you, our customer.

We believe that you will love our services, and that your friends and colleagues will notice the progress in your Instagram account growth and engagement.

So it becomes easy for you to tell them about our services, and share a unique referral link which we provide you with.

They get started, and enjoy the benefits of our services as well, including the affiliate program.

We pay you for every referral.

So, it's actually pretty easy for you to receive our services for free, or even make some extra cash; eg:​

  1. Get started with the platinum plan
  2.  Refer three people to the same pack, and your account management is free ($50           per referral)
  3.  Refer another three people to the same pack, and earn $150 cash.
money back guarantee


If you are not satisfied at any time, simply let us know and your subscription will be immediately discontinued. We will cease to carry out any further services on your account, and will reimburse you for the period immediately prior to the termination.

affiliate agreement

Affiliate Program

We believe in the power of social marketing, so naturally we'd like to offer you the opportunity to benefit from working together with us. 

You get the benefit of using our services, and if you wish, simply make some easy referrals and earn cash as well.​**

It's easy;

  1. Get started with one of our account management packs​
  2.  Watch your account grow, and see the benefits for yourself
  3.  Tell your friends and colleagues about our service, and share your unique link with them
  4. They sign up, and use our services for 30 day's or more, and we pay you, for as long as their account is active           with us. *  

* Affiliate payments are paid following the completion of a full monthly period, with no cancellation or refund request.  Payments are recurring each month for as long as the referee account continues with the service, and provided the affiliate has made a minimum of one new successful referral during each month. For full terms and conditions please click here.

** Receive $29.97 for every referral on a Starter Pack, and $50 for every referral on a Platinum plan. For full terms and conditions please click here.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

 Secure Payment