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What is search engine optimization

search engine optimization

What is search engine optimizationWhen someone registers an Internet domain name or signs up for web hosting, one of the products that are typically offered is some variation of SEO tools. The ad will probably claim that the SEO product will help your site get noticed by more people. If only it were that easy.SEO, […]

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The importance of a memorable logo

logo design

The Benefits of a Memorable Fitness Club LogoWant to make your fitness club easily recognized in a crowd? Stop complicating the matter and get back to basics if you want the company logo to help grow your business. Simple is better in the world of fitness, the logo needs to be universally recognized and not […]

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The keys to effective web presence

effective web presence

The keys to effective web presenceThese days, many people have chosen to pursue careers in the fitness industry. If you currently run a gym and are trying to devise strategies that will help you build your business, it’s important to know that establishing and maintaining an effective web presence can help you realize the goal. […]

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